Prabhpreet Bajaj (Associate Practice Lead, Conversational AI, Quantiphi) gave this presentation at the AI Accelerator Summit, San Jose in 2023.

Establishing conversational AI at Quantiphi

Hi everyone, I’m Prabhpreet Bajaj, and I lead the conversational AI practice at Quantiphi.

I want to take a moment to quickly talk about what we do. We’re a team of 3,500+ professionals. We started in 2013, and have seen 3x growth YoY. We've also gained some key recognitions like ISG and IDC in the past few years.

We’re an AI-first digital engineering services company. We provide applied AI solutions to our customers, set up the infrastructure, and provide data solutions to them as well.

We also have a strong partnership with Google Cloud. We’ve been working with them for the past six years, and have also managed to be the Google Cloud Partner of the Year, every year consecutively.

About five years back, we started this practice called conversational AI, primarily because Google launched Google Contact Center AI at that point, which caters to customer experience solutions using AI.

We were one of the first three launch partners that were shortlisted, primarily because of our experience with Dialogflow, even before it was Dialogflow and was called

Because of our experience delivering such solutions, we managed to be the launch partner for that, and have been running this practice for the past five years ever since.

I'm here to talk more about how you can reimagine your customer and agent experience and reduce operational costs using conversational AI. Let's take a look at this.