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With a BSc and an MSc in applied mathematics and a Ph.D. in bioinformatics, Dr. Valeria Kogan has an extensive background as a researcher. She also gained valuable management experience leading AI teams in biotech startups in Europe and the US.

Her company, Fermata, has developed a sustainable AI-based solution that automatically monitors plant health in both greenhouses and on the fields.

She’ll be speaking at our Computer Vision Summit in Tel Aviv on 23 March 2023.

Q: Welcome! Please introduce yourself and how you’ve got to your current role.

My name is Dr. Valeria Kogan. I'm the CEO and founder of Fermata.

Q: Please explain a little about the aims of your current organization – what are you working towards, and what role do you play in this?

Our product is designed for farmers. So, we use computer vision for the early detection of pests and diseases of plants in greenhouses. And we help farmers to lose less harvest and also apply fewer chemicals during food production.

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Q: What will be the focus of your session at the Computer Vision Summit in Tel Aviv?

At the Computer Vision Summit in Tel Aviv, I’ll be speaking about challenges and opportunities for startups, if you decided to create a product based on computer vision. Especially if you're operating in the B2C market and in conservative industries, like agriculture.

Q: What will the audience take home from your session in Tel Aviv, and what will they be able to action?

I hope that, after our session, those who want to launch your products using computer vision will be better prepared to do so, and will be able to avoid the most common mistakes. Fresh entrepreneurs usually do this when they're trying to build a product based on technology, and I hope my experience will be helpful to them.

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