Rituraj Patil, Agile/Product Coach at HelloFresh, gave this presentation at the Generative AI Summit in Berlin in October 2023.

Today, I’ll be talking about how you can use generative AI to optimize innovation. value delivery, and business agility with generative AI, and I'll be talking about AI from a product management point of view, rather than a technological point of view. 

AI is reshaping industries and redefining productivity

While researching this particular topic, an article from Forbes Advisor came up. In the article, it mentioned that the AI market size is expected to reach $407 billion by 2027. We still don't have LLM or GPT coming from Elon Musk, but this $407 billion could be doubled or tripled in the next few years once we have that in place. 

AI will have an estimated 21% net increase in the United States GDP by 2030

One in 10 cars will be self-driving by 2030. I don't know if you’re following Bill Gates on his YouTube channel, but he’s recently posted his own experience with a self-driving car somewhere in Europe, and that’s caught the eye of startups who are doing research into this technology. 

And guess which technology is making it possible for us? Reinforcement-based learning. 

64% of businesses expect AI to increase productivity. We’re making use of generative AI to write down our performance appraisals these days. Product management people are making use of AI to generate their product vision, mission, strategy, and roadmaps. AI is everywhere, and soon, generative AI is going to be everywhere.