🗓 Date: November 23-24, 2022
📍 Location: London

What is Computer Vision Summit? 🤔

Computer Vision Summit brings technology leaders from the world’s largest organizations and most exciting startups to assemble with one goal in mind: to share how they're creating, deploying and scaling state-of-the-art vision technologies to create immense business value.

In just two days, discover the knowledge, solutions and people that your business needs to scale your CV systems.

Leave understanding exactly how to accelerate the delivery of your vision technologies to production and drive real business value from them.


What will I learn from the Computer Vision Summit?

To put it simply, you will:

  • Create a strategy roadmap for your vision products
  • Build a mixed-reality universe with synthetic data
  • Reduce costs and increase automation
  • Camera v LiDAR v radar - select the right sensor
  • Pick the brains of those scaling research application to business impact
  • ADAS to AD - processor and car architecture evolution
  • Bridge the gap between your engineers, strategists and end-user
  • Take intelligent image analytics to the next level
  • Infrastructure solutions for computer vision at the edge
  • Achieve efficient and interpretable visual understanding

Speakers Highlights. 🧠

Cameron is responsible for the development and delivery of Airbus Group’s Computer Vision strategy and AI platforms.

Philip helped pioneer the use of AI in diagnostic screening Software as a Medical Device. In that work Philip designed and developed one of the world’s most accurate, non-invasive screening tools for breast cancer, successfully regulated by the FDA for commercial clinical use in 2020.

Peyman is an accomplished MBA-educated digital innovation and transformation leader, with more than twenty years entrepreneurship and corporate experience in diverse industries including biopharma, energy, oil & gas and sustainability.


Agenda highlights. 🔥

📍Creating a CV Strategy Roadmap
📍From Concept to Application - Creating Real-World, Sustainable Edge CV Products
📍Deploying a CV Workforce for Inaccessible Tasks
📍Taking Intelligent Image Analytics to the Next Level
📍Hardware Requirements for CV at Scale
📍Achieving Efficient and Interpretable Visual Understanding