🗓 Date: April 26-27
📍 Location: San Jose

What are the Summits? 🤔

We're bridging the gap between state-of-the-art research and practical business need.

This April, unite with 500+ peers & join the largest end-user-led summits dedicated to driving business value through AI & computer vision technologies.

We’ve assembled speakers from the likes of Amazon, Oculus VR, Walmart, UnitedHealth Group, Ford & more, so you can discover exactly how the biggest orgs and most innovative start-ups are creating, deploying & scaling.

Explore cost-effective, scalable infrastructures & technical solutions for engineering teams, and discuss the leadership & project-level strategies needed to deploy and scale vision systems from the ground up.

Survey the state-of-the-art, and leave as a part of the AIAI community, equipped with the tools, knowledge and people required to accelerate your systems to production.

👉AI Accelerator Summit 👈👉Computer Vision Summit 👈

What will I learn from the the Summits?

Computer Vision Summit:
Day 1: Driving business value with computer vision
Bridge the gap between research and production; build customer-centric strategies that meet a business need; deploy ethical AI & computer vision systems.

Day 2: Scalable solutions & cutting-edge innovation
Discover scalable infrastructure solutions; achieve ML optimization; uncover innovative engineering solutions.

AI Accelerator Summit:
Day 1: Driving business value with AI
Reducing time-to-value; accelerating ideas to production; deploying and scaling ethical AI; discovering new areas of AI innovation.

Day 2: Technical deep-dive & innovative solutions
Exploring the accelerator chip landscape; building an affordable scalable infrastructure stack; HW & SW co-design; optimizing ML architecture for industrial application.

👉 AI Accelerator Summit 👈👉 Computer Vision Summit 👈

Speakers Highlights. 🧠

Jack is one of the great modern inventors, as well as Professor and Innovator in Residence at Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation at UC Berkeley. He was integral as Chief Engineer for the world-renowned Guitar Hero series of video games, and was later Co-founder of Oculus VR - later purchased by Meta for $2bn.

Zohaib is a vastly experienced Systems Engineer. He has worked as Head of Systems Engineering at Alphabet and Senior Autonomous Systems Architect at Bosch USA, and is now Chief Engineer at Astra.

With 4+ years of industry experience in ML, Isha has worked in Conversation AI and Computer Vision and is recognized as a "patent inventor" within Capital One.

🎤 AIA Summit speaker line-up 🎤🎤 CV Summit speaker line-up 🎤