Sol Rashidi, former CDO, CAO, and CDAO for Sony Music, Estée Lauder, and Merck Pharmaceuticals, will be at our San Jose Summit with her session, "A landscape assessment, and 11 learnings on the POC to production journey".

Sol Rashidi isn’t just a big name in artificial intelligence and data analytics; she’s an innovator in leadership and pushing the envelope.

Her story? It’s way more than just climbing the career ladder - it’s about what happens when you grab an opportunity with determination and perseverance.

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⏰ Day 1 [April 16] 1:30 - 2:00 | GMT -7

🗺 San Jose Marriott, 301 South Market Street, San Jose

Sol kicked off her career not with dreams of data but as a necessity, wrangling massive Excel sheets when "data engineering" wasn't even a term. This accidental dive into the data world wasn't planned but ended up setting the stage for her to become an expert in the field.

Fast forward to her days at IBM, she assumed a critical role with Watson, merging technological expertise with strong business acumen. Sol also currently has eight patents.

A human touch in tech leadership

Jumping ship from consulting to become Royal Caribbean's first Chief Data and AI Officer in 2016 wasn't just a career move; it was Sol’s statement about the importance of growing talent from within and embracing innovation.

Her leadership style? It's all about being hands-on, encouraging her teams to get the basics down pat, and never shying away from a challenge.

Visionary insights and ethical AI

When it comes to the big titles - Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Officer, you name it - Sol believes it’s more about what you do than what you’re called. She’s all for breaking down barriers between tech and business, steering towards a future where digital transformation is the norm.

On the topic of ethical AI, Sol’s stance is clear: we need solid guidelines to keep AI’s rapid growth in check and ensure it’s doing more good than harm. She’s pushing for an Ethics Committee to step in before regulations take the lead, highlighting the importance of responsible AI development.


Did you know...

... Sol's book, Your AI Survival Guide: Scraped Knees, Bruised Elbows, and Lessons Learned from Real-World AI Deployments, hit 'Best Seller' #1 for Starting a Business, Leadership and Management, and #2 for Artificial Intelligence.

Embracing change for digital transformation

Sol’s insights into digital transformation are golden: adapt, be brave enough to explore unknown territories, and make sure the team’s on board. It’s not just about a few people at the top; it’s a collective effort to shift gears and venture into new beginnings.

Her journey reminds us that navigating the future of technology and leadership is about being open to change, ready to tackle challenges head-on, and always aiming to bridge gaps, whether they’re between different fields or the present and the future.

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