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February 17 2022
Live Broadcast
10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm GMT

Episode 3 of our interview series, Transforming Healthcare with AI, will be broadcasting live February 17. 🙌

Episode 2: AI in Diagnosis

Host Jagadish is joined by Dr Guenter Schmidt, Vice President Image Data Sciences at AstraZeneca, to discuss the changes AI has facilitated in diagnosis.

Guenter worked with Nobel laureate Professor Dr Gerd Binnig on the invention of the AI platform Cognition Network Technology and its application to contextual image and data understanding software, and based on that, to decision support systems.

Today, Guenter’s AI research, image analysis and data science teams work within oncology drug development and biomarker programs.

This is driving the development and application of robust and scalable state of the art deep learning solutions to investigate MoAs and to discover predictive biomarkers.

Join him live as he sits down to share all on AI in diagnosis.

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