This panel discussion between Danijela Horak (Head of AI Research, BBC), Huang Xiao (Principal AI Research Scientist, HSBC), and Richard Davis (Chief Data Officer, Ofcom) took place at the Generative AI Summit in London in November 2023.

Richard Davis

I’m Richard Davis, and I’m responsible for how we use data at Ofcom. Ofcom is the UK’s communications regulator, and that covers everything from broadcast, spectrum licensing, network, and communications, to the recent Online Safety Act. 

Huang Xiao

I’m a Principal AI Researcher for HSBC’s cybersecurity function. We have a big team of cybersecurity experts who specialize in engineering, analytics, and operations. We're a relatively new team that deals with big data, big data platforms, and building all kinds of AI applications to drive cybersecurity engineering operations and detect the bad guys. 

My primary focus is on the R&D process, bringing prototypes to products, and helping the business increase the value of different cyber functions.

Danijela Horak 

I lead the BBC’s AI research function. My team is working on NLP models and speech-to-text models, and we do a lot of transcription and adapt some state-of-the-art models to perform well on UK accents and low-resource languages.

We do a lot of Automatic Metadata Extractions. We used to work on recommender system engines, but we transferred that to product a couple of months ago. 

We do a lot of research in the field of computer vision, and in particular, restoration and colorization involving archived footage.