A talk by Gary Brown, Edge AI Marketing Leader & Technology Evangelist, Intel, at the Computer Vision Festival 2021.

Intel works with over a thousand partners in the deployment of the latest technology, to help solve emerging business issues when adopting AI at the Edge for computer vision applications.

In this session, Intel’s Edge AI Marketing Leader & Technology Evangelist, Gary Brown, explained how, in the next few years, businesses will need better technology, lower costs, and time-to-market when using AI inference at the Edge to solve issues.

Computer vision can solve problems with high accuracy, however, new systems will push the boundaries of edge computing. To do this, they’ll need a mix of intelligence, compute performance, media analytics (video, speech, audio), networking, and communications.

Any applications that integrate AI at the Edge have highly specialized requirements that make their systems more complex - and also make deployment at the Edge almost impossible. Gary’s session demonstrated how emerging systems architectures and configurations are solving businesses’ problems, while also highlighting what companies are doing at the moment to solve their market-specific problems with the latest compute platforms, silicon technologies, and software tools, to achieve new levels of intelligence at the Edge.

Gary dives into the applications that incorporate vision and Edge AI with other technologies, like networking, as well as giving you the lowdown on both the hardware and software behind these applications, and why CPUs are at the center of the latest solutions.

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