MediaTek has unveiled the Dimensity 9300+, its newest addition to the Dimensity series of mobile chips.

The Dimensity 9300+ features enhanced clock speeds and is engineered to boost the processing of on-device generative AI. It supports a wide range of large language models (LLMs) and provides several other performance improvements compared to its predecessor, the Dimensity 9300.

JC Hsu, MediaTek's Corporate Senior Vice President, emphasized, "The Dimensity 9300+ will enhance our ability to foster a vibrant generative AI application ecosystem through extensive LLM support and on-device LoRA Fusion capabilities. It delivers remarkable enhancements and speeds for LLM inference, processing tokens much more quickly, thus improving the overall user experience."

Advanced core and AI engine

The chip incorporates an All-Big-Core architecture utilizing TSMC’s third-generation 4nm process. It includes one Arm Cortex-X4 core clocked at up to 3.4 GHz, along with three Cortex-X4 cores and four Cortex-A720 cores.

MediaTek has significantly advanced AI processing capabilities in the Dimensity 9300+ through its new NeuroPilot Speculative Decode Acceleration technology, part of the company's cutting-edge generative AI engine, the APU 790. This engine supports LLMs across a spectrum from 1 billion to 33 billion parameters and enhances the efficiency of running LLMs.

According to MediaTek, the Dimensity 9300+ can process LLMs with seven billion parameters at a speed of 22 tokens per second, more than double the processing rate of comparable mass-market solutions.

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Gaming performance and connectivity enhancements

For gamers, the Dimensity 9300+ includes a second-generation hardware raytracing engine powered by an Arm Immortalis-G720 GPU. This setup provides rapid raytracing capabilities at a seamless 60 FPS and supports console-like global illumination effects. The chip also benefits from MediaTek’s newest HyperEngine gaming technologies.

The chip's MediaTek Adaptive Gaming Technology (MAGT) optimizes power efficiency during gameplay in popular titles, helping to prolong battery life and maintain device coolness.

Furthermore, the integration of HyperEngine’s Network Observation System (NOS) enhances WiFi and cellular network performance simultaneously and utilizes advanced network prediction technology. When activated, MediaTek’s NOS can save up to 10% in power and up to 25% in cellular data usage.

Imaging and AI video capabilities

The chip's Imagiq 990 ISP supports 18-bit RAW processing, enabling superior photo and video quality in low-light conditions. This ISP includes a built-in AI Semantic Analysis Video Engine that provides features like real-time video capture and scene segmentation to improve video quality.

Additionally, the Dimensity 9300+ incorporates MediaTek’s MiraVision 990, featuring sophisticated AI depth engine technologies to enhance visual content on smartphones.

Support for a range of AI applications

The chip is designed for a broad array of AI applications, providing:

  • Support for on-device LoRA Fusion and NeuroPilot LoRA Fusion 2.0, which aids developers in rapidly launching new generative AI applications involving text, images, and music.
  • Compatibility with the latest LLMs, including 01.AI Yi-Nano, Alibaba Cloud Qwen, Baichuan AI, ERNIE-3.5-SE, Google Gemini Nano, and Meta Llama 2 and Llama 3.
  • ExecuTorch Delegation for deployed on-device inferencing.

The Dimensity 9300+ also features a 5G R16 modem that supports 4CC-CA Sub-6GHz, capable of achieving download speeds of up to 7Gbps and is equipped with AI-driven situational awareness.