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We asked a few of our Computer Vision Summit attendees in Boston what they thought of the event. Here’s what they had to say.

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How did you find the Computer Vision Summit?

Oh, it's been very good. It's been really relaxed. People have been very honest about some of the challenges we face in the industry. We've talked about some new ideas about how to solve some of those problems. It's been a very clear focus on some particular outcomes, which is great. The whole industry is definitely talking about the same things.

Yeah, it was a really interesting talk today. A big one for me was looking at how the brain processes images, and how we still don't really understand how the brain processes them. But actually, as we learn and develop artificial intelligence, it's teaching us a lot more about how the brain works. So, it's really interesting to see the connection.

Could you sum up your experience in a few words?

Busy, intelligent, and interesting.

Stefan Britton

Senior Director, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Shutterstock

How did you find the Computer Vision Summit?

It was awesome. A lot of great minds thinking about different solutions was very exciting.

We came here to chat with the demo community about the testing process and how people are looking into the model quality.

What was the key takeaway for you?

A lot of ideas to work on, and a lot of problems to fix.

Mohamed Elgendy

CEO & Co-founder, Kolena

How did you find the Computer Vision Summit?

I really enjoyed this event because this brings all the industrial leaders, and also different applications of computer vision, back into this forum. It was very informative and I learned a lot.

And in a few words?

I'm looking forward to the next year!

Sean (Xiang) Ma, Ph.D

Senior Manager of Applied Science and Head of Research, Amazon

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