Did you know that our event attendees always have a good time?

And we love that they do! That’s why we frequently ask for feedback to know how we can bring even more exciting events each year.

But listen to them yourself!

We asked the AI Accelerator and Computer Vision Summit San Jose attendees to let us know about their experience, and here’s what they had to say.

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How did you find the events?

I found the AI Accelerator Summit to be quite exciting and interesting. It was fun to mingle with people who have different backgrounds; some developers, and some business people, and the talks were really engaging. I really liked it.

Could you sum up your experience in a few words?

Fun. Maybe relaxing, a little bit.

Gary Brown

Director of AI Marketing, Intel

How did you find the events?

Obviously, it was great. I learned a lot and chatted with a lot of interesting people and there was representation from other companies, big companies like Google and Facebook, was really great.

Could you sum up your experience in a few words?


Jan Amtrup

Senior Director of Data Science, Capital One

How did you find the events?

I found the Computer Vision Summit/Accelerator Summit very useful for networking with people. Came here looking for customers, and partners, and to learn more.

Could you sum up your experience in a few words?

Bleeding edge.

Shivanthan Yohandan

CTO, Xailient Inc.

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