Javier Colladon, Director of Public Cloud at Orange Business, gave this presentation at the Generative AI Summit Berlin in 2023.

Technology is already becoming disruptive and changing business as we know it. I’ll be talking about the concepts and ideas that we’ve come up with at Orange Business surrounding digital services, and how to use generative AI to address a very important part of business - productivity,

Generative AI, machine learning, and deep learning are great tools to help us improve and automate processes, removing the meaningless parts of our jobs to make everything more meaningful. 

Data and AI are at the heart of Orange’s innovation model

Orange Business is dedicated to data, data engineering, data consultancy, and data science. We know a lot about data, and we have a lot of interesting use cases in traditional artificial intelligence and machine learning, and now we’re starting to move into generative AI. 

At Orange, we have a vision and a mission; we want to be an AI and data-driven company. We’re aiming to use this new tool in a very responsible and sustainable way. We want to use this not to replace human beings, but to make us better and to make our lives easier. 

We started this journey a couple of years ago, and now we have the tools at hand, we’ve started an interesting set of projects which I’ll be talking about later on. 

At the heart of our innovation model, we’re talking about efficiency and sustainability, and the most important thing is being able to give everyone the opportunity to do things that matter.