Welcome to the AI Bytes Podcast: Where AI Meets Business.

The guests are eminent practitioners and visionaries in the field of AI, from the industry as well as academia, sharing their journey, experiences, and knowledge on the various topics related to AI. We'll be talking about tech and under-the-hood topics that power and enable AI opportunities, including:

  • Business
  • Use cases
  • Technology
  • Pitfalls
  • Challenges

And even some of the gotchas; everything you need to know to help you on your AI journey. In this blog, we'll go over the basics of the podcast, inspiration behind it, and more, including:

  1. Meet the host: Ashok Ramani
  2. Why 'AI Bytes'?
  3. Who's 'AI Bytes' for?
  4. The podcast lineup
  5. Tune in and enjoy

Meet the host: Ashok Ramani

With a career spanning over 25 years in the tech industry, Ashok is a visionary tech executive, an entrepreneur, and an evangelist in the AI space. He's led product, design, engineering, and AI teams at eBay, Yahoo, enterprise, and startup companies.

And, most recently, he's successfully led the multi-year AI transformation at eBay and now advises startups and C-level executives on their AI vision and strategy (while still finding the time to be a regular speaker in conferences).

Simply put, you're in great hands.

But don't just take our word for it - tune in and listen for yourself!

Why ‘AI Bytes’?

“I think that it boils down to the ‘purpose’. For me, it was about giving back to the AI and tech community - sharing my learnings, having discussions with leading experts in the AI field, learn through the process, and more importantly help AI practitioners around the world - by educating them, by demystifying the technology and what it can/cannot do.” - Ashok Ramani, AI Bytes podcast host

AI is at an inflection point, with enterprises as well as the investment community making billions of dollars of investments in this space. Some are leading the AI revolution, others are ahead in the AI adoption, while some are just getting started or about to take the leap.

The main focus of AI Bytes? Sharing and engaging, giving back to the AI community, and learning through this process. This will include trends, techniques, experiences, and pitfalls on how to think about the various aspects of AI and its adoption lifecycle.

Who’s AI Bytes for?

For AI practitioners by AI practitioners

Whether you’re a business executive, a product or technology leader, an AI scientist or an engineer, there’s something for everyone. AI Bytes is a podcast about AI, about the people behind AI, and about the journey with AI.

Starting off at a high level, we’ll learn from the feedback and iterate. In the upcoming episodes, we’ll dive deep into specific topics on various industries, technology, and aspects of the AI lifecycle (data challenges, experimentation, training, inferencing... it’ll be fun and exciting!).

We hope you take away stories, opportunities, trends, techniques, best practices, and pitfalls as we try to demystify the technology and debunk myths along the way.

So, sit back, put your headphones on and enjoy.

The podcast lineup

We have an exciting lineup for the first episodes, as we tried to create a diverse set of topics and speakers (from both industries as well as academia).

In conversation with Achin Bhowmik, Ph.D., of Starkey

Achin Bhowmik, Ph.D., has led perceptual computing at Intel for many years, and he’s now an adjunct professor at Stanford and CTO at Starkey.

In this episode, we talk about healthable technology and hearing aids, and how Achin and his team are transforming healthable technology (as he calls it) with AI.

In conversation with Gary Brown, Edge AI Marketing Leader & Technology Evangelist at Intel and David Maloney, Chief Scientist at Ubotica Technologies

We’ll have two episodes on Edge AI, which Ashok sees as the future of AI in terms of opportunities and investments.

We’ll be ‘Living on Edge’ with Gary Brown, from Intel, we’ll talk about the latest trends, we demystify the hardware (CPU, GPU, VPU) as well as the software part of edge computing for vision use cases.

With David Maloney, a successful entrepreneur who sold Movidius to Intel, we’ll talk about satellite-based use cases enabled by AI. As David says “what happens on the edge, stays on the edge.”

In conversation with Alex Vasilescu, Associate Director, Computer Graphics & Vision Lab at UCLA

With Alex Vasilescu, we’ll talk about causality in AI, an area in which there’s increasing investment to better explain and interpret AI.

In conversation with Daniel Bruce, Chief Product Officer at Levatas

With Daniel Bruce, we’ll cover AI opportunities in the industrial inspection area. Daniel and his team are solving interesting (dare we say cool) problems in this area by adopting state-of-the-art techniques in AI/DL and computer vision, such as transfer learning and active learning.

Tune in and enjoy

We’re very much looking for feedback and ideas from our audience and AI Community, so we’d love to hear from you in terms of topics and guests you’d like to hear from.

Or, maybe you’d like to take part?

Let us know by dropping us an email at marisa@aiacceleratorinstitute.com.