In this episode, we sit down with Daniel Bruce, CPO at Levatas, a company that builds end-to-end AI solutions and machine learning models. We explore his knowledge and insights in AI from his 20 years of experience. Daniel dives deep into how automating processes with AI is helping companies free up time, increase safety, and more by relocating resources.

Key talking points include:

  • The opportunities for AI in today’s world, including real-world applications.
  • How AI is mimicking human intelligence to expand it and not replacing it.
  • The challenges with data deriving from AI applications.
  • The iterative nature of the AI lifecycle.
  • Opportunities within AI applications and challenges around them.

A little bit about the guest

Daniel Bruce has 15 years of experience in designing and architecting software applications and an educational background in AI, machine learning, NLP, maths, computer science, and physics.

He’s leading the Data of Analytics specialists group at Levatas and continuously advancing the drive for innovation in their clients, like HSBC, IBM, and Dell. He’s also the chief architect behind Levatas’ patented Active Learning engine and suite of AI solutions focused on CV, Vinsa.

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