2023 is going to be a huge year for our events.

After returning to San Jose and Boston, plus a first-time show in London in 2022, there are now seven expert-led computer vision and artificial intelligence events to mark in your calendars.

We’ll be touching down across the globe with our in-person events, as well as continuing our usual virtual summits (plus adding a couple of new ones!), so you can enjoy what best meets your needs.

There’s even a free OnDemand event presentation at the end of this article for a taste of what to expect.

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Computer Vision Summit | Tel Aviv

When: March 23

Where: Hilton Tel Aviv, 205 HaYarkon Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo

We’re starting off the global tour in Tel Aviv. Computer Vision Summit Tel Aviv features 20 speakers, and will welcome over 175 attendees – all ready to tune into insights from industry powerhouses like AstraZeneca, Oculus VR, and Nike.

The agenda focuses on leadership strategy, scalable infrastructures, start-up and scale-up development, cutting-edge applications, and more. Some of the talks you can expect to see are:

  • Challenges of building an emerging AI solution
  • Achieving faster and smarter computer vision
  • Bridging the gap between real and synthetic data by eliminating AI blind spots

Get more details and book your spot below:


Computer Vision Summit | San Jose

When: April 26 & 27

Where: San Jose Marriott, 301 South Market Street, San Jose

Computer Vision Summit San Jose is back this year again (this time as a two-day event) and packed with high-tech applications and insight.

With hundreds in attendance, soak in a wealth of knowledge from 30+ senior speakers from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Zoox, and more - this is the flagship event you won't want to miss.

The agenda looks into how to drive business value with scalable solutions and cutting-edge innovation. You can look forward to expert talks on deep learning-based data-centric solutions for vision tasks, revolutionizing physical retail with computer vision, and building a better data engine.

Find all the details you need to know below.

“It's an exciting opportunity. I think it's a great place to connect with other engineers. I really liked the panel discussions.” – Oktay Arslan, Tech Lead and Engineer at Airbus

AI Accelerator Summit | San Jose

When: April 26 & 27

Where: San Jose Marriott, 301 South Market Street, San Jose

But we’re not just sticking around for Computer Vision Summit in San Jose – AI Accelerator Summit is also returning, with a combination of infrastructure and business leaders showcasing how the industry is being transformed with AI systems.

Co-located with Computer Vision Summit, it’s an opportunity to mix with over 300 local innovators, and explore the state-of-the-art from Silicon Valley.

30+ speakers (including Adobe, Cruise, and Twitch) will cover topics to help you drive business value with AI alongside offering you a technical deep dive and innovative solutions.

Attend talks on topics such as “Ethical AI: from buzzword to business priority”, “Building a scalable AI infrastructure stack”, and “Productizing AI Algorithms, gaining efficiencies and driving value”.

Why not book your tickets today to secure your spot?


Computer Vision Summit | Berlin

When: October 5

Where: Berlin

October sees us go to Berlin for the first time with Computer Vision Summit Berlin and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

We’ll be hosting 20+ speakers from GE Healthcare, Mercedes Benz, Amazon, and more – don’t miss their insights, as we deliver the first-ever end-user-led, industry-focussed computer vision event in the region.

The agenda includes talks and panels on how radical industry transformations are being facilitated, how to become more customer-centric, scale systems, drive value, and much, much more.

For all the info you need, just click below:

AI Accelerator Summit | Boston

When: October 19

Where: Revere Boston Common, 200 Stuart Street, Boston

Are you ready for an artificial intelligence marathon filled with insightful talks by the world’s leading experts?

We’re still finalizing the amazing agenda, but you can expect us to cover technologies targeting both training and inference from the Cloud to the Edge.

Want to know what you can expect this year? In 2022, we had 15+ speakers from companies including Condé Nast, Levi Strauss, Boston Dynamics, and more. You can expect 150+ attendees primed and ready to network and learn from the best.

Keep an eye out for all the details below.

Computer Vision Summit | Boston

When: October 19

Where: Revere Boston Common, 200 Stuart Street, Boston

Our trip to Boston wouldn't be complete without our usual Computer Vision Summit. Yes, we’re back for another year!

Last year, Google, Shutterstock, Qualcomm, and more joined us, covering topics that explored 3D modeling, image recognition and analysis, data labeling, neural architectures, and computer vision industry trends – we’re lining up an equally hard-hitting line-up for this fall.

Look forward to talks like:

  • Camera vs LiDAR
  • Research application to business impact
  • Modular network construction for faster data adaptation

Find all the info (and ticket details as well) right here.

“I found the event to be very useful to learn different applications of how AI is being scaled out across different companies.” – Ron Cahlon, AI Engineer at P&G


Computer Vision Summit | London

When: November 8 & 9

Where: Courthouse Shoreditch, 335-337 Old Street, London

Last but not least, we’ll be back in London in November for Computer Vision Summit London to end our worldwide tour.

In 2022, we had more than 20 speakers from Shell, Meta, The LEGO Group, BT, and others sharing their insights across a two-day, action-packed event. And 2023 will be bigger and better!

Network and learn from some of Europe’s leading experts in computer vision, as the state-of-the-art is showcased and exposed by those facilitating it.

More details will come very soon, so keep an eye out.

“I really enjoyed this event because this brings together all the industrial leaders and different applications of computer vision back into this forum. It’s very informative and I learnt a lot. I’m looking forward to next year.” – Xiang Ma, Head of AI/ML R&D Technology Innovation at Amazon

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Want a sneak peek of what you can expect?

Here’s a panel from our 2022 trip to Boston – free to view for everyone.

Take a look at Dr. Vinesh Sukumar, Proshanta Saha, and Botond Szatmáry discussing “Intelligence at Scale Through Vision AI and Neural Architecture Search (NAS)”.