The need for proactive governance in the era of Generative AI [OnDemand]

AI is no longer a choice.

The use of AI, including machine learning, is imperative for beating competitors, releasing innovative products, and driving revenue growth.

However generative AI comes with new challenges including tracking, monitoring new risks, and meeting the growing and changing regulatory requirements.

So, how can you...

  • Navigate the challenges of generative AI, including risk monitoring and adapting to evolving regulatory requirements?
  • Understand the necessity of AI governance: proactive management and compliance with corporate, ethical, and legal standards?
  • Keep up with the demand for responsible and explainable AI in today's digital-first world?

We found out all the answers and more in our session with IBM.

We have all the answers and more in our upcoming live session with experts from IBM.

3 key takeaways:

  • Essential AI governance considerations for teams using Generative AI.
  • Innovative strategies for automating AI governance across the model's lifecycle.
  • Proactive methods for risk detection and mitigation, plus compliance enhancement with AI regulations and standards.

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