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  • Mentoring program
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Elevate your AI career
Pro+ membership is crafted to demistify the complexities orf artificial intelligence, offering a clear, accessible path for the builders, engineers, and scientists enbarking on their AI journey.

Enjoy sessions led by AI experts, focusing on the newest advancements in AI, and keep ahead with cutting-edge resources aimed at boosting your AI skills and insights.

Become part of an engaging community of AI enthusiasts who match your enthusiasm and dedication to succeeding in the AI sphere. It's the perfect moment to deepen your AI understanding and integrate breakthrough concepts into your work.

Learn today to drive change tomorrow.
How Pro+ membership can elevate your AI expertise
Professional growth isn't a straight path. Everyone progresses at their unique pace and has distinct requirements.

Pro+ membership is tailored to support you at every stage of your journey.

With a wide array of learning materials, from hands-on case studies and immediately applicable frameworks, Pro+ membership addresses all aspects of your AI career.

We're streamlining learning and development, offering you the flexibility to choose resources that best match your immediate and long-term goals.

“I've been a member of the AI Accelerator Institute since day one and have loved watching this terrific and knowledgeable Slack channel. In this new age of AI exploding everywhere, being able to converse with real practitioners who are at the vanguard of these exciting times is invaluable. Well-curated, boundless events and connections, and a friendly community have been my experience so far. I'd urge you to join and reap the benefits of its members!”

– Jeffrey Wellstead, Founder & CEO at Big Bear Partners, Ltd.

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What's included in a Pro+ membership?
🛠 10+ templates: Leverage an extensive collection of AI frameworks to optimize your projects. These industry-approved tools have been validated by the AI community, ensuring efficiency and saving you precious time.

🎟️ In-person events: Enjoy a free pass (valued at $1,095) to your chosen AI-focused event. Connect with leading AI experts, keep on top of the newest developments in AI, and grow your network within the professional community.

📚 AI Advantage workshops: Dive deep with workshops that bridge theory and practice in AI. Learn from experts and apply new skills in interactive, real-world scenarios, enhancing your ability to innovate and lead in AI projects.
Everything you need to excel as an AI professional.
🎬 OnDemand content: Boost your knowledge with over 200+ OnDemand tech talks. Soak up insights from AI pioneers at forefront companies like OctoML, OpenAI, Google, and more.

👥 AI mentorship program: Foster both personal and professional development with our AI mentorship program. Benefit from the invaluable advice and support of experienced AI mentors to sharpen your skills, or contribute to the community by becoming a mentor.

🔥 Community: Become part of an active network of over 1.3 million AI professionals ready to solve problems together. Exchange insights, share advanced methodologies, and form strategic alliances to foster your career advancement.

🤑 Exclusive discounts: Enjoy special discounts, including free access to all virtual events, a 40% discount on additional in-person events, and up to 70% off additional membership plans.


Who's this subscription for?

This subscription has been made for those looking to shift into artificial intelligence, are at the initial stages of their career, or are already established but seeking a refresher on their skills.

How does this subscription work?

By joining us, you’ll have access to exclusive insights, emerging trends, and hours of content, enabling you to enhance your knowledge of all aspects of AI. We have experts from renowned companies such as AWX, Google, IBM, and more to support you in this endeavor.

How much is this subscription

$1,999 per year.