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What's a Pro membership?
Our Pro membership is your all-in-one toolkit for AI career growth. Imagine having a treasure trove of expert AI insights and tools right at your fingertips — tools that not only simplify your day-to-day tasks but also enhance your projects.

Plus, you get to rub shoulders with some of the brightest minds in AI at companies like Google DeepMind, OpenAI, and Microsoft Azure. It’s all about getting you those hot-off-the-press resources and linking up with a community of peers who share your passion for leveraging the power of AI.
“This is an amazing and well-organized place to connect with other AI enthusiasts globally! It gives you opportunities not only to connect and grow your network but also to learn, be an ambassador, or even a speaker. There are many communities out there, but AI Accelerator brings real value!”

– Oksana Rasskazova, Project Leader at Gestalt Robotics
What's included in a Pro Membership?
✍ Real-world insights: An expansive library of dynamic content crafted by AI experts from leading organizations such as Google, OpenAI, AWS, and more. Fresh insights drop bi-weekly and land straight in your inbox, keeping you in sync with the latest developments in AI, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and more.

📒 Templates & frameworks: Your essential toolkit for AI innovation, including data analysis, machine learning, and predictive modeling. A specially curated collection of ready-to-use models and frameworks designed to skyrocket your efficiency.

🔥 Community: Join a vibrant community of talented, engaged, and curious AI professionals to tackle challenges collaboratively. Exchange ideas, share best practices, and establish meaningful connections to support your career growth.

Everything you need to excel.
🎯 Members-only community: Access to a private, members-only forum for brainstorming with peers and engaging in cross-disciplinary collaborations.

👥 Mentor program: Boost both your personal and professional growth with insights and guidance from leading AI experts.

🎟 OnDemand presentations: VIP access to premier recordings from our tech summits, featuring deep dives, panel discussions, and showcases by AI industry leaders.

Who's this subscription for?

This subscription is intended for people who are just starting out in their AI careers. This includes recent graduates in related fields, professionals transitioning from other industries to AI, and tech enthusiasts seeking to pivot or broaden their expertise in AI.

How does this subscription work?

By joining us, you’ll have access to exclusive insights, emerging trends, and hours of content, enabling you to enhance your knowledge of all aspects of AI. We have experts from renowned companies such as NVIDIA, Amazon, and Adobe to support you in this endeavor.

How much is this subscription

$299 per year.