Generative AI 2024 report


Power up your business with AI

Discover how leading companies are transforming their operations with generative AI.

Sponsored by WEKA, our comprehensive Generative AI 2024 report provides an in-depth analysis based on insights from both generative AI practitioners and end users. 

Find out how businesses are leveraging this cutting-edge technology to boost efficiency, improve workflows, and stay competitive. 

Whether you’re looking to better utilize generative AI in your operations or develop more effective AI tools, this report offers valuable insights for everyone involved in the AI landscape.

Why you need this report:

🚀 Find out how 56.4% of companies are using generative AI to speed up their processes and achieve more in less time.

💼 Learn how businesses are applying AI to text applications and specific projects to maximize their impact and streamline operations.

🔧 Get insights into companies' common challenges with AI integration and learn strategies to overcome them.

📈 See why 64.9% of industry leaders believe generative AI is becoming essential and how you can prepare for the future.

🌟 Understand the positive societal impacts of AI and how it can benefit your organization and community.

What you’ll learn:

  • Practical tips for adopting and integrating generative AI tools.
  • Key areas where AI can save you time and enhance your productivity.
  • Strategies for overcoming common challenges in AI implementation.
  • Future trends and predictions in the AI landscape.

Download the Generative AI 2024 Report now and transform your business with actionable insights and expert guidance.