Convince the boss: AIAI memberships

Wanna sign up for a AIAI Membership, but not sure how to ask your boss to pop their hand in their pocket?

No drama - we've got you covered. Just copy and paste this email (or download this one), personalize it to your org, and let us do the hard work for you.

Hey [insert your boss’ name],

I’m interested in signing up for the AI Accelerator Institute's Membership Plan and would like to enquire whether you’d be willing to offer financial support for me to do so?

As a member, I'd unlock access to a range of presentations, events, reports, and more, designed to improve my everyday practice and performance, and help me and the company smash our goals.

Packed with tried and tested strategies and formulas from the likes of Microsoft, Meta, Samsung, and Amazon, and trusted by AI experts across the globe, it's a natural choice for continuous professional development. Upon signing up, I'd access:

  • 200+ hours of exclusive industry insights from the likes of NASA, Meta, Amazon Lab126, and more.
  • Ungated access to all data-backed reports and eBooks to date.
  • Extra discount on a range of products, including a sweet discount of up-to 40% off any in-person summit and access-all-areas pass to virtual events.
  • A never-ending supply of insights from experts at the likes of Volkswagen Group, JPL Laboratory, and Google.
  • And much more…

While there are other memberships available, I’ve researched the alternatives, and taking key factors such as features and price into account, AI Accelerator Institute’s membership offers exceptional value for money - it’s by far the stand-out candidate.

This is just one of the many ringing endorsements from an existing member:

"As someone who is looking to grow, expand and network in this space, the association with AIAI has been immensely valuable and I am only too excited to strengthen it further." - Soumya Pisupati, Data Scientist, Bayer Crop Science.

I wholeheartedly believe an AI Accelerator Institute membership would equip [company name] with the quintessential knowledge needed to differentiate our products from our competitors, and I believe this would be a shrewd investment.

I’d be delighted to discuss this opportunity with you in further detail. In the meantime, you can find more details about what’s included, as well as price plans here. Let me know if there’s anything else you need from me at this stage.


[Your name]