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March 1, 2024 - This week at the AI Accelerator Institute

💡 Spotlight 💡

Better Data + Better Models: Your Superpowers with FiftyOne! 💪⚡

Nothing limits model performance more than bad datasets. Be the hero against bad data with FiftyOne, the open-source toolkit for building high-quality datasets & computer vision models.

Learn more & get started in the free, hands-on workshop, March 27 @ 9 AM Pacific.

We have an announcement...

Okay, this one’s a real “pinch-me” moment for us at AI Accelerator Institute. 🥺

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that *the* Financial Times has ranked our parent company, The Alliance, 42nd among Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies. 🎉

It’s truly humbling to see our hard work pay off with an acknowledgment like this. 

Cast your mind back to 2019, The Alliance was a tiny team of big-dreamers embarking on our first foray into community-led L&D with Product Marketing Alliance. 

Fast-forward just five years, and things are looking a hell of a lot different.

💪 We’re now 15 communities strong
🌎 We host 130+ events per year across the globe
🫂 We’ve gone from a staff of just two to a workforce of 121 

Scaling certainly ain’t easy, especially during the challenging market conditions of the last two years.  But it’s not the numbers that matter here. 

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support from our incredible community members and team of dedicated employees. This is all down to you. 

We’re living proof that the world needs communities and people who believe in and support each other. And community-led growth? Well, it’s the future, baby!

Thank you for the recognition, FT1000, we can't wait to show what else is in store.

👥 Community meetups and events 👥

AIAI Santa Monica meetup | March 6 | AI Accelerator Institute
Join AI Accelerator Institute as we come back to Santa Monica for an after-work meetup, on March 6, 2024! 🚀 Join us at Ye Olde King’s Head, to network, meet new people, and discuss all things AI. RSVP on time, you don’t want to miss this! Press the “g…

🔥Hot off the press🔥

🔮 From LLMs to LAMs: Pioneering AI's multimodal future

The article discusses the evolution of AI from Large Language Models (LLMs) to Large Action Models (LAMs), highlighting the latter's ability to process and understand multiple data types, including text, images, and audio.

🤖 From prototype to product with generative AI and large models

Shivani Poddar, Engineering Lead at Google, revisits the challenges that are present with GenAI prototypes today, and shares three strategies to overcome them. 

🤝 Upcoming events 🤝

Three major updates for AIAI events this week… 🦾

1) Tickets to Generative AI Summit New York officially went on sale. 🎟🗽On June 12, more than 250 builders, engineers & execs will come together to:

▪️ Fine-tune faster, more robust generative applications.

▪️ Explore perspectives of industry leaders.

▪️ Forge connections that drive innovation forward.

Confirmed headliners include:

🔹 Matt Lewis, Chief AI Officer | Inizio Medical

🔹 Aishwarya Srinivasan, Senior AI Advocate | Microsoft

🔹 Moshe Tanach, CEO & Founder | NeuReality

🔹 Sol Rashidi, Former Chief Data & Analytics Officer | Estée Lauder

🔹 Bill Gold, SVP, Head of AI/ML | Citizens Bank

Agenda | Brochure | Tickets

2) We also announced the return of Generative AI Festival, which will hit your screens on March 28. 📺

Speakers from the likes of BMW, NeuReality, GAP, LinkedIn and Stability AI will be hosting sessions to help you tackle these common challenges: ​​▪️ Limitations in compute and scalable infrastructure

▪️ Challenges in data collection and processing

▪️ Optimizing model architecture

▪️ Fine-tuning and updating post-deployment

▪️ Data privacy issues

Agenda | Free pass

3) Finally, today is your final chance to secure an early bird pass to AIAI San Jose

Plus, three additions have been made to the lineup this week, meaning you can hear from more than 30 AI pioneers. Introducing the latest headliners:

▪️ Aishwarya Srinivasan, Senior AI Advocate | Microsoft

▪️ Lee Klarich, Chief Product Officer | Palo Alto Networks

▪️ Burak Gokturk, VP, Engineering | Google

Agenda | Brochure | Tickets

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