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2021's Computer Vision Innovators

Computer Vision Innovators | 2021 | AIAI Accelerator Institute
Know someone worthy of the ‘Computer Vision Innovator’ title? Are YOU a Computer Vision Innovator? Then now’s the time to have your say.

2021's AI Hardware Innovators

AI Hardware Innovators | 2021 | AIAI Accelerator Institute
We’re on a mission to give the people driving the AI Hardware space forward the recognition they deserve. Know someone who fits the bill? Think YOU fit the bill? Have your say.

AI Salary Survey

AI Salary Survey | AIAI Accelerator Institute
Whether you work in architecture & infrastructure, deep learning, application development, hardware engineering, machine learning, and more, we’re unpacking global AI salaries in the first report of its kind.

Chips of Choice

Chips of Choice | AIAI Accelerator Institute
We’re on a mission to build the ultimate chip directory. Built for you, by you, we want to know: what your chip of choice is, what makes the chip so good, and what benefits its brought to your organization.