🗓 Date: October 20, 2022
📍 Location: Boston

What is AI Accelerator Summit? 🤔

AI Accelerator Summit is the leading commercial event dedicated to accelerating the delivery of AI to production.

The world’s largest organizations and most exciting startups are assembling with one goal in mind: to share the infrastructure and processes they're using to deploy and scale state-of-the-art technologies that create immense business value.

In just one day, equip yourself with the hardware knowledge, solutions and people that your business needs to drive real business value.


What will I learn from the AI Accelerator Summit?

To put it simply, you will:

  • Learn to build a scalable AI infrastructure stack
  • Gather actionable advice on reducing time-to-value
  • Take home template use cases on obtaining and training appropriate data
  • Refine your AI workflows for easier adoption
  • Optimize architecting AI systems
  • Look forward to quantum possibilities
  • Immerse yourself in the AI hardware landscape
  • Mirror cohesive AI units within a business

Speakers Highlights. 🧠

Jan Wei is an artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer who is passionate about developing and innovative technologies that can bring positive impacts to the automotive, mobility, and transportation sectors.

He's vastly experienced in leading the technical development of autonomous vehicles, robotics, computer vision and multi-sensor fusion technologies. Now at Lotus, Jan Wei is gearing up towards the launch of their first AD-equipped car.

Shirin is Assistant Vice President Technology at Deutsche Bank, with vast experience in Machine Learning Development with the focus in a range of industries.

Sanji is a Senior Vice President at Optum, where he leads the Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Platforms team for Optum Enterprise Analytics. He is responsible for developing platforms that support the design and development of leading edge AI models and analytic tools for the enterprise.


Agenda highlights. 🔥

📍 Panel Session: Next-gen Compute
📍 Fireside Chat: Infrastructure Challenges From Edge to Cloud
📍 The Compute and Development Processes Powering Alexa
📍 Panel Session: Driving Business Value with AI
📍 Delivering AI at Scale
📍 Compute and Data Training Requirements for AV